Tuesday, October 24, 2006

God Speaks Creole

Written By: Sharon Steen

Guest Blogger Sharon here. Okay, so maybe I missed a post or two, but I did not realize until I was here for 24 hours that there is no electricity that comes into this house from the outside. They don’t even want electricity from the outside if it were available, because it only works for three hours each day (those being the convenient hours between 3 & 6 am). So the lights, internet, fans, fridge, washer, water pump all plug into the wall like at our apartment in Iowa, but the power comes from huge car batteries, and those batteries are charged 6 hours/day with the generator. Blows my mind.

Sunday at the Haitian Lifeline church was amazing. The whole service was in a language I don’t understand, and they never once broke down and started speaking English. I could tell when they were praying, though. And I could see their love for Jesus. Who saved them from their sins just like he saved me from mine. I saw that God speaks Creole every bit as well as he speaks English. I realized that God loves these people who can’t afford to make their clothes match every bit as much as he loves me. We serve a very big God, who became a lot bigger to me this past Sunday. After the service, I had the privilege of shaking hands with almost every one of my Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ in the room. Brothers and sisters I didn’t know I had a week ago.