Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh, the Holidays -- They Come & Go so Quickly

Today it was a much cooler 98.8, that was really nice. It was difficult to truly get into the spirit of the holiday but we gave it our best.

In the USA are there any Holidays that fall on the anniversary of a death? We are thinking all the extra holidays are mainly birthday's of important people. It's too bad for you though, you'll never experience the fete des morts. The Tchako was flowing freely people.

How long have we lived here? Isaac was trolling along with Troy and said "Hey Dad, remember in Zimmerman how we watched shows? How come our TV in Haiti doesn't have shows on it?" "We only watch movies here!" This was some sort of major revelation to him, it only took three quarters of a year for him to realize it. Give him another nine months he might realize we have not gone to McDonald's either.
Most of the afternoon was spent fighting over the shop-vac. It was time to take it away when, after all the dirt was cleaned up, we found Noah searching for toys small enough to suck up. He even brought something to me to cut with the scissors so it would be vacuumable. Maybe we need shows on our television. ;-)
Thanks for the Shop Vac, TDS friends, it doubles as a fun toy.