Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Test of the Power of the Internet

Today a bunch of the gang went to Cazale. I continued to work on nasty deep cleaning jobs. But I think I am the only one who notices when I do this stuff so I might just quit. Removing bugs from the cabinets, cobwebs from the corners, and urine drips from the toilets are not something that earn you props/thanks in these parts. Can you tell I have a crappy attitude tonight? I'll get over it now. There. I am over it.

We have a couple small random needs. I could search around and ask one person at a time, but I have a feeling that tossing it up on the blog might yield faster results. It is just after 8pm Eastern time, I am betting on an answer within a couple hours. For sure by Wednesday morning.

First, since we have so many adoptive parents reading --- we have one short cover letter that we need translated to French. Is there someone I can email it to and have you email me back a translation?

In our village there is one person who speaks English and French fairly well, but I would still rather have someone who has done document translations do it. We're rolling in crisp green LARGE bills -- so we come prepared to pay top dollar. ;) Or not.

Second, since most of you are moms or you know a mom ---- I am curious about that baby sling that some folks use. I own the kind where the baby looks like a frog pressed up against you, chest to chest --- but it hurts my back after a while. I have heard that the sling type works well. Opinions are welcome and if you have one headed towards your garage sale pile, see the above statement about my cash flow and send me your selling price.

You can reach us by E-mail at TL7inHaiti@yahoo.com OR post in the comment field below.

High Fives from LaDigue.