Thursday, October 05, 2006

How Old Will You Be When I am 106?

Ike's obsession with numbers is growing rather than diminishing.

Paige's math curriculum has a section each day called "mental math" ... if you were to reverse the words, it would describe me.

I cannot do math in my head, I can barely do it on paper. Math mental, that's me. Between Paige and Isaac we are getting better though.

Isaac walks around ALL DAY, EVERY DAY asking questions along these lines:

(He approaches as if he has something very important to ask. "mom mom mom mom"
"What Ike?"

"How old will you be when I am 51? How many years until I am 27?"

It goes on like this all day long. Endlessly.

The other night, he needed an immediate answer to a math question but because he was on the toilet he enlisted the help of his brother. It went like this-

Isaac- DAAAADDY I need you.

Troy- Buddy, you can wipe yourself now you are five.

Isaac- No Daddy, it's not to wipe me. I need you.

Troy- (Finishes what he is doing in the office.)

Noah- (Comes running from their bedroom) Daddy Isaac want know how old you be if he 65?

Isaac- (yelling from bathroom) I told you it wasn't to wipe me!